constitutional monarchy

Paul Wells in conversation with outgoing Governor General David Johnston

David Johnston speaks with Paul Wells about the rise of distrust in Canada, the future of the monarchy, and what he plans to do next.

By God, the constitutional monarchy is probably safe

The monarchy is fine, so long as it’s benign

God save the constitutional Monarchy

Colby Cosh on why he will take his chances with the Royal Baby as head of state


Al-Jazeera: we’ll furnish the war AND the pictures

I was impressed and humbled with the performance of the al-Jazeera news network during the recent revolution in Egypt. As CNN floundered and Fox News simply ceased to have even vestigial relevance, al-Jazeera seemed, for a moment, to be living up to its promise as a bridge between the Arab world and the West—if not transcending that promise and becoming something greater: a tribune of the Arab peoples and their neighbours; an influential, omnipresent witness of precisely the sort that the students in Tiananmen Square lacked; and, perhaps, one of the world’s essential institutions of news.