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The foundation of corruption

Quebec’s foundation of corruption

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Charbonneau commission, fall session: All eyes on Laval’s Gilles Vaillancourt and Montreal’s Gérald Tremblay

The man who shook Quebec

Jacques Duchesneau was hired to investigate corruption in the construction industry. No one liked what he found.


Quebec’s folly of corruption and bad taste

Jean Charest denied the mess all around him for years–eventually it will destroy him


‘A new scandal all the time’

Allegations of wrongdoing keep piling up in Quebec


Everything you ever wanted to know about Axor’s illegal donations in Quebec (but were afraid to ask)

Late last week, Quebec’s Directeur général des élections (DGE) announced it had uncovered forty cases of illegal donations to provincial political parties by the engineering firm Axor. (Although the DGE treated the donations as having come from three separate companies—Axor Experts-Conseils inc., Groupe Axor inc. and Axor Construction Canada inc.—for the sake of simplicity, I’ll treat them as one. If their names are any indication, it’s not like much thought went into distinguishing them from each other anyway.)

Just where are those billions for infrastructure going exactly?

I’ll admit it: DMA has been pretty hard on the ADQ. I’d apologize if I felt it was unwarranted but, alas, I don’t. That said, when props are due, they are awarded.