Bitters (left to right) methi, dandelion, arugala, and rapini

Bitter? Sweet! A maligned flavour has its moment

The complex, much-maligned flavour is suddenly in vogue—from bitter cocktails to vegetables

The $725 Ferran Adrià book launch

Lessons from the world-famous chef and his cookbook for very rich tastes
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Breaking the cookbook addiction

A new thesaurus explains how to pair flavours, freeing amateurs to create recipes
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Wait, is that Mark Bittman in aisle two?

A bestselling food writer shows Maclean’s how to get the best out of grocery store shopping
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If you could choose one food, it’s this

Nothing nutritionally comes close to quinoa, claim these enthusiasts
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Simple, delicious and cheap

The recipes in chef Jamie Oliver’s new book were inspired by food-rationed Britain