From one uncool Canadian to all the others: Shut up, already!

The oldest rule in the book when it comes to cool: Never care whether people think you are cool. So, why do we care so much, Canada?


The Importance of Being Cool

Barack Obama’s temperament has been the subject of much analysis throughout his first 100 days on the job. On Saturday Night Live, there are recurring skits about Obama and how cool he seems to be. Throughout the primaries and in the campaign, Obama regularly displayed what used to be called “grace under pressure” during the Kennedy years. A close study of Obama shows a consistency of habit, a discipline and a general disposition to be reflective and not impulsive in moments of stress. His performance following the discovery of Reverend Wright’s diatribes against white America stand as sterling proof of his calm in the face of adversity. His ‘coolness’ has characterized the early stages of his presidency more than any other trait. But how important is it to be ‘cool’?