corporate welfare


GM Canada: A 100-year history of benefitting from taxpayer dollars

Canadians have good reason to feel General Motors owes them. Because it has—many times.
Toyota Canada 20180504

Corporate welfare and the gullible governments that pay it

Opinion: Ottawa and Ontario just gave Toyota $220 million for something it likely would have done anyway. Governments need to wise up.
Bombardier CSeries 20151218

Why Bombardier and Ottawa shouldn’t make job promises they can’t keep

Opinion: Airbus’ PR machine is in overdrive, but any job promises attached to its takeover of the CSeries will almost certainly be broken

Trudeau’s banana republic approach to Bombardier and Boeing

Trudeau’s threat to ban Boeing from federal contracts unless it drops a trade complaint against Bombardier was like something out of Venezuela

Here’s an idea for Bombardier: Let it fail

There’s little to suggest Bombardier’s collapse would be the economic crisis its supporters suggest, and it may even be good for Quebec
PurGenesis Technologies

Money down the test tube

After millions in grants and loans, Quebec start-up PurGenesis created just three jobs