Premier flip-flop

Are voters finally fed up with Jean Charest’s flip-flops?

The Quebec premier tends to reverse himself only after incurring maximum political damage
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Charest to announce inquiry into construction industry: report

Quebec premier said to be considering semi-private inquiry into widespread allegations of corruption
More than just Lula lite

Dilma Rousseff: more than just Lula lite

Brazil’s new president is cleaning out corruption
Call girls, graft and paralysis

Call girls, graft and Italy’s paralysis

New revelations about Berlusconi further erode his image, but no one seems ready to bring him down
Construction chaos ahead

In Quebec, construction chaos ahead

The Duchesneau report details corruption, a money-laundering transport ministry and language laws that stymie competition
A land of constant complaints

Tanzania: land of constant complaints

The country seems well, but corruption is rampant
Bad News

Good news, bad news: July 14-21

The U.S. government recognizes Libya’s transitional council, while the Taliban ramps up its campaign of violence in Afghanistan
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India’s corruption stories, online

An Indian website is taking on the country’s corrupt politicians
Down with corruption!

Down with corruption!

An unprecedented popular uprising against graft is sweeping India
The king of laval

Is Gilles Vaillancourt Canada’s most powerful mayor?

Corruption allegations fly, but voters love him