The British approach to counter-insurgency

A British colonel studying at the U.S. Army War College has written about British counter-insurgency since 1945:


How to lose a counter-insurgency: stop protecting the people

From today’s National Post, about a ‘drawback’ of Canadian troops and the dismantling of an armed outpost in Taliban-controlled territory:


How to beat an insurgency by killing fewer people (II)

My colleague Andrew Potter blogged a few weeks ago about Thomas Ricks’ new book, The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008. The book tells the story behind America’s strategic shift in Iraq – from one where the primary goal is defeating the enemy, to the current strategy which holds that the primary objective is winning over the population.


Megapundit: The revolting caucuses

Must-reads: Vaughn Palmer and Chantal Hébert on carbon taxes; Dan Gardner on solving the energy crisis.


Attention Taliban: Here’s our secret plan to fight you

The Canadian Forces’ counter-insurgency manual is now officially Secret. This, despite the fact that versions have already been given to the NDP and members of the public, and has been widely distributed to military units.

It’s also available online via Steve Staples website.

(thanks to David Pugliese)

UPDATE: Uh oh. This must be what happens when you pass your counter-insurgency manual around like a chinese menu:

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan – Hundreds of Taliban fighters are reported to have launched an offensive Monday into a district at Kandahar city’s doorstep and are digging in anticipation of an assault on the city.