America dumbs down

The U.S. is being overrun by a wave of anti-science, anti-intellectual thinking. Has the most powerful nation on Earth lost its mind?


James Lunney Watch

The Nanaimo Daily News won’t take no comment for an answer.


James Lunney v. Evolution

From the Conservative MP’s statement before QP.


Scientists still concerned science minister is anti-evolution

“Young Earth” creationists believe the world is only a few thousand years old


Well, that certainly didn’t come up at last night’s science awards ceremony …

But if the story in today’s Globe and Mail had come out just a few hours earlier, we probably would have paid considerably more attention to what the PM’s pointminister on science and technology had to say to the crowd during the NSERC research awards last night at the Chateau Laurier last night.


Morgentaler: Changing the debate

Wellll, I have to say that I’m getting  less and less out of the discussion a few posts down. Interesting as it may be to some, my intention was not to spark a debate over abortion, since that is pointless. I was more interested in the question of how — or if — a country should honour polarising figures in the face of deep diversity. Only commentor SeanP recognized that was my intention, which is probably my fault. (But props to Sharon, whose comment further entrenched the universal validity of Godwin’s Law).