James Jones. This portrait was taken in accordance with public health recommendations, taking all necessary steps to protect participants from COVID-19. (Photograph by Candice Ward)

The pandemic zapped James Jones’s career. Then, his TikTok videos relaunched it.

The accomplished hoop dancer went mega-viral while introducing TikTok audiences to a cherished part of his Cree heritage

The problem with adding a famous Cree chief to ‘Civilization’

Some residents of the Poundmaker Cree Nation of Saskatchewan are unhappy with their unwilling part in the Civilization video game series


Q&A: Romeo Saganash (Part Two)

The second part of my conversation with Romeo Saganash. In this segment we talk about #IdleNoMore, Theresa Spence, Shawn Atleo, the blockades and the chance for progress. The first part of our conversation is here.

Q&A: Romeo Saganash (Part One)

The NDP MP talks to Aaron Wherry about alcoholism, family and the residential school experience

North of the 52nd

North of the 52nd with the Tragically Hip

Novelists Joseph and Amanda Boyden travel with the band to isolated Fort Albany, Ont., for the Great Moon Gathering


The negotiator

Romeo Saganash touts his history as a negotiator for Cree communities in Quebec.


‘A turning point’

Romeo Saganash restates his position on secession and recounts his life.

Canada, home to the suicide capital of the world

The hurting: What can even begin to stem the tide of brutal loss?

Award-winning novelist Joseph Boyden on the link between residential schools and the devastation of native suicide