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The Thrill: FHRITP, a TV era ends, and hipster Hamburglar

Our pop-culture podcast talks to CityNews’ Shauna Hunt, discusses the cancellation of two defining TV shows, and debates the Hamburglar rebrand
MISSISSAUGA, ON – JULY 16TH, 2014 – For story on a forensics science camp.

Junior detectives crack cases at forensics camp

Canada’s best-known forensics expert has a lot to teach kids at CSI summer camp

Inside the growing field of forensic engineering

Working backwards to find out what went wrong
Can sci-fi be saved?

Can sci-fi be saved?

Movies like "Avatar" have been huge hits, but on the small screen, the genre’s not doing that well
Why old people are suddenly watchable

Why old people are suddenly watchable on TV

Networks are discovering their most loyal viewers like over-60s like Ted Danson

Newsmakers: July 14-21

Hugo Chávez looks to Castro for care, J-Lo and Marc Anthony call it quits, and Shaq gets a new job

TV is biased and that’s a good thing

’Friends’ had gay-friendly messages; a new book calls it propaganda
Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Donald Trump gets sued, Rita Chretien is found alive, and Don Cherry is angry about something again
Missing image

Can’t get enough of compulsive hoarders

Shows from CSI to South Park are cashing in on our fascination with the disorder

A Golden Age of Taking TV Seriously

Is television critical analysis taking the place of good old-fashioned fandom?