“I loved Vancouver’s tree-lined streets and felt at peace so close

My family and I fled gang violence in Mexico and made a home in Canada

"There are times when I miss home, my family, the sun. But sharing the stories of the recipes I brought from Mexico has helped me reclaim my identity here."
(Photograph by Sarah Palmer)

Why TikTok food is ugly and disgusting and completely addictive

Something about the pandemic inspired people to make the grossest food ever

Shark doughnuts, anyone? Montreal’s most unpredictable restaurant

The cuisine isn’t the only surprise at Bethlehem XXX
Chairman Bao Truck

In Alberta’s capital, a familiar food feud

Wheels vs. bricks-and-mortar restaurant? Double cheer for competition.
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Caviar we haven’t tasted for 100 years

It’s got the flavour of the Bay of Fundy and is found only in one river in New Brunswick
Is soup the window to a chef's soul?

Is soup the window to a chef’s soul?

Seemingly humble (and frequently overlooked by diners), soup enchants great chefs

Not your average pizza delivery guy

A London, Ont., pizza pro is hoping to take his show on the road
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The sad demise of French cooking

Never mind fewer cafés and top chefs, even some classic cheeses are becoming extinct