Failed Daily Show Correspondent Try-Outs?

It’s not surprising that Wyatt Cenac has been added to the regular cast of The Daily Show. His first appearance on the show earlier this month, as a guy who was bored with the Democratic primary and found the plot twists on Lost much more entertaining, was really funny; he also did another spot a little later parodying Kanye West (with whom he worked in an HBO special). Those appearances were his “tryout” appearances, a test to see whether he would work as a regular correspondent; he did work, and he has the job. Cenac has been on most people’s young-comedians-to-watch list for years, and he also wrote several episodes of King of the Hill (remember the one Bill pretends to be gay so he can become a successful hairdresser? That was his). Sometimes the tryouts last longer than that; Aasif Mandvi was an occasional contributor for almost a year before he became a regular.


And Don’t Forget, He’s Dancin’ in Korean

The Daily Telegraph has a long interview with Stephen Colbert — mostly speaking as himself, not the character he plays at 11:30 —  “The Second Most Powerful Idiot In America.” I found this part interesting, explaining how the show sets up its interviews: