Daryl Kramp

Daryl Kramp is offended on multiple fronts

And the capitalist’s case for charging charities a speaking fee

The loneliest pamphlet

All that work photoshopping sparkly stars around Trudeau, and for what?

PHOTO GALLERY: MPs and the Year of the Snake

MPs and Senators celebrated Chinese New Year at the Government Conference Centre in Ottawa. The event was put on by the Chinese New Year Celebration Committee. The Year of the Snake celebration saw Liberal Sen. Mac Harb was dressed as the God of Fortune.

Happy Canada Day

Aaron Wherry on who said what on July 1

The Commons: Thinking about preparing to get ready to plan to study the F-35

Scenes from an emergency meeting of the standing committee on public accounts



MPs on all sides admit Parliament is failing at one of its primary tasks.


Idea alert

Conservative MP Daryl Kramp wants to make sure we all know which date we’re referring to.


From the backbench

More Twitter commentary from last night and this morning.


Democracy is in the eye of the beholder

National Newswatch is reporting that Conservative MP Rodney Weston has voiced an opinion today that is not entirely dismissive of coalition government.


Accountability hysteria

Government house leader Jay Hill, a spokesman for the Board of Internal Economy, laments the attention the current debate over MP expenses has received, but acknowledges it might be discussed further at the board. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea isn’t concerned either way. Conservative Daryl Kramp says an auditor general audit is inevitable but unnecessary. The NDP caucus is split: Charlie Angus says it needs to be worked out with the auditor general, Pat Martin, Peter Stoffer and Peter Julian say open the books, Yvon Godin is obstinate. Liberal Marlene Jennings calls for disclosure. Liberal Bryon Wilfert defends the status quo.


The fall session is off to a fine start

From Conservative MP Daryl Kramp’s Twitter feed.