Dave Bidini


How Dave Bidini came to know and love Canada’s North

Bidini, who visited Yellowknife eight times for his new book, recalls catching a 10-pound northern pike and being dazzled by skies of gold, purple and rosewater
Gord Downie. (Richard Beland)

The gift of Gord Downie: ’He gave everything he had to this world’

The Rheostatics’ Dave Bidini—a friend and tourmate of Gord Downie—reflects on the qualities that made the Tragically Hip’s late frontman so special
June 3, 2009 –|Dave Bidini –|Dave Bidini of the Rheostatcis will release his first solo album call

On the Tragically Hip’s ’golden thread’

The Rheostatics’ Dave Bidini recalls playing with the Hip, and dispels the myth that Downie’s band never made it in the U.S.
Stompin’ Tom Connors

Stompin’ Tom: Our national poet

Michael Barclay on the musician who was ’more punk rock’ than most punk rockers