Davos 2016

Because it’s 2016: Talking gender parity in Davos

For the record, a transcript from Davos from a panel on gender parity

Watch: In conversation with Kevin Spacey in Davos

The actor and director discusses his acclaimed performance in the series House of Cards and the theatricality of American politics in this election year


Life in 2030: Humankind and the machine

The world is on the brink of a new revolution. How will emerging technologies change the lives of the next generation?

Live from Davos: The internet of things is here

How is it transforming the global marketplace?


Live from Davos: What if your brain confesses?

New questions will be raised about decoding memories, ascertaining intentions and defusing criminal behaviour. What if neuro-evidence is invited into the courtroom?

Live from Davos: Europe at a Tipping Point

With a crisis at Europe’s borders as it tries to control the influx of refugees and to prevent terrorist attacks, how can Europe protect itself without betraying its values?

Live from Davos at 9 a.m.: What if robots go to war?

An in-depth discussion that explores the possible, plausible and probable impacts of artificial intelligence on defence systems

Justin Trudeau: ‘There has never been a better time to look to Canada’

For the record: Justin Trudeau’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos

Scott Gilmore at Davos: Of despots and do-gooders

Welcome to the World Economic Forum, where the privileged and powerful meet with the (mostly) best of intentions

Live from Davos: From migration to integration

Beyond providing safety and refuge, how can we best integrate refugees into our communities?

Live from Davos at 8:15 ET: A world without work?

How will rapid technological progress and the prospect of longer, healthier lives revolutionize work?

Live from Davos at 8 ET: What is the outlook for Iran?

As sanctions are lifted in the context of the Vienna nuclear agreement, what is the outlook for Iran, the region and international stakeholders?