Deborah Coyne

Liberals face tough test in the muddled middle

There is no beginner’s luck in political leadership

If you want be leader, you should have some chance of winning
Liberal Leadership Debate

The Liberal ’debate’ in Winnipeg: so laid-back, not much laid bare

John Geddes on what came up instead of fiscal policy, Mali, the poverty of First Nations and Canada’s aging population
Justin Trudeau

Live: The Liberal Not-A-Debate in Winnipeg

The leadership candidates enjoy a series of casual chats
Justin Trudeau, Martin Cauchon, Karen McCrimmon, Joyce Murray, Martha Hall Findlay, George Takach, Deborah Coyne, David Bertschi

Aaron Wherry’s formerly live blog of the Liberal leadership debate

One blog, nine candidates, two hours, 23 entries
Politics why no one is in a hurry to lead the libs

Why no one is in a hurry to lead the Liberals

The party has set an insanely lackadaisical schedule for choosing its next leader
Pride Parade 20120701

Toronto Pride draws most colours of political spectrum. (Anyone see blue?)

Parade gathers politicians, leadership hopefuls and Mulcair Bears
Trudeau,   Coyne

Deborah Coyne on her surprise bid for Liberal leadership

In this Q & A, Coyne explains that while her connection with Trudeau is inevitably part of her story, she sees his vision of federalism as part of a longer lineage of leaders