Acadian Seaplants

How Acadian Seaplants became a global leader in seaweed

From a young age, Jean-Paul Deveau was fascinated by seaweed. That interest has created a multinational manufacturing empire

QP Live: When auditors defended their Duffy audit

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What does the Wright-Duffy affair tell us about Parliament?

When the PMO edited a Senate committee report

Need to know: Auditors called to defend their honour

Deloitte will appear in front of a Senate committee next week

Auditors are untouchable in Ottawa

Why two partners from Deloitte command a lot of respect on the Hill

The Duffy-Wright affair timeline

February was apparently a very busy month

Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright: Still more questions

Did the Senator claim expenses while campaigning for the Conservatives?


Rights and Democracy: Rest in peace, Rémy Beauregard

Eight months ago I began calling for the public release of the Deloitte audit of Rights and Democracy. That was about five weeks after the R&D board announced the forensic audit into the agency’s financial transactions between 2005 and 2009, vaguely alleging financial improprieties under an earlier regime.


Rights and Democracy: Let 100 schools of thought contend

A rebuttal to Sen. Linda Frum’s guest column


Ending the myth of the frugal Canadian

Your credit card issuer is watching where you shop