Democratic National Convention

Jaime Weinman

Hillary Clinton: Honestly sincere

Jaime Weinman on the contents and delivery of the Democratic nominee’s speech to Americans
Jaime Weinman

Barack Obama makes a pitch for his legacy

What Barack Obama’s political impact says about the Democratic Party—and what may come next
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I would go the other way for Bill Clinton

Emma Teitel explains why the DNC is like a bar mitzvah

Kim Kardashian and Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi @ the DNC

This just in from the DNC, news both weird and random from the floor
michelle obama 3

What students are talking about today (Sept. 5 edition)

Michelle Obama, Quebec election, Adderall & Harry Potter
Democratic Convention

Michelle Obama: ’Presidents! They’re just like us!’

Unless you’re a Kennedy, humble beginnings are the only beginnings at the Democratic National Convention.
Barack Obama

DNC 2012: The Gay Vote

Emma Teitel finds Hope and Change very much alive among LGBT delegates at the Democratic Convention
The Latino Obama

The Latino Obama?

Julián Castro may represent the younger, less white electorate the Democrats see as key to their future.