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Election reform

The problem with Maryam Monsef’s contempt for metrics

Monsef’s ’math is hard’ moment is an odd position for a cabinet minister in a proud science-friendly, evidence-based party to be taking

Election Issues 2015: A Maclean’s primer on democratic reform

Maclean’s is your destination for the 2015 election. Start with our in-depth primers on the big issues, including democratic reform
Aaron Wherry

Parliament: Does it get any worse than it just got?

Parliamentary democracy may have reached its lowest ebb yet. But reform could be on its way. Really. Finally.
Senate Expenses 20131105

Adventures in democracy

Questions about the Reform Act via Paul Wells
Brent Rathgeber

Brent Rathgeber on our broken democracy

’A unified caucus is not dependent on a unity of opinion’
Parliament Building

How would a Trudeau or Mulcair government be different?

Lowell Murray has some thoughts on fixing Parliament

Robert Mugabe tightens his grip in Zimbabwe

Reforms meant to bring democracy haven’t worked. Will new elections be any different?
Parliament Building

Accountability Act II?

Dinner receipts and per diems, but how about larger matters of governance?
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The free MP

Elizabeth May explains her proposal
Sarah Harmer Bruce Hyer Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May challenges the system

The Green MP seeks to amend the Elections Act