Department of Fisheries and Oceans


The hunt for B.C.’s most notorious fisherman

Scott Steer made a career flouting Canada’s commercial fishing laws and the officers who enforce them. One dreary night in Vancouver, it all caught up to him.
A landslide along the Fraser River created a waterfall that spawning salmon couldn’t cross; an innovative system gives them passage (Courtesy of Peter Kiewit Sons ULC.)

The B.C. river where salmon are whisked to safety in a giant pressurized tube

A rock slide blocked tens of thousands of salmon from reaching their spawning grounds in the Fraser River. Officials have found an innovative temporary solution.
Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake And Tsunami Devastate Northern Japan

The real fallout from Fukushima

’You can go ahead and eat the fish.’ Colby Cosh on the actual impact of the spread of radioactive seawater from Japan
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When science goes silent

With the muzzling of scientists, Harper’s obsession with controlling the message verges on the Orwellian
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Reeling in a big one

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans needs to meet with the fishermen and BC Ferries to set up a plan
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Something fishy in B.C.

The latest foe in the war over salmon farms? Rapacious Norwegians.