What would Frederick Banting think of ’insulin tourism’?

Insulin’s legendary co-discoverer was never in it to get rich. Banting donated the patent to try to avoid today’s global tragedies.
Living large

Living large in the oil-rich Gulf

Several middle eastern nations have an obesity problem worse than the U.S.’s
Energy Drinks 20100726

The haunting spectre of energy drinks

’Science-ish’ looks for evidence to back up our worries about the sugary, super-caffeinated beverages
When to reveal your insulin pump

When to reveal your insulin pump

A woman’s guide to diabetes offers tips about dating, diet and airport security

Doubling down on diabetes

Not everyone who is overweight develops adult-onset diabetes. The Winers believe they know why.
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Gene Stone in conversation

On what to eat to avoid catching colds, herbs that work, and being a human guinea pig
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Boomers are far less fit than their parents were

Not that they’re inclined to believe it
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Sir Sandford Fleming vs. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best

Where does insulin rank as an invention compared to standard time?
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Cavemen who walk among us

From their workouts to their parenting styles, these modern men are fanatical in their devotion to Stone Age life
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Survival tips for the nursing home

First, always ask for a bed by the window. Otherwise, the staff traffic will drive you nuts.