Dick Cheney

7 things we learned from NSA leaker Edward Snowden today

Highlights from #AskSnowden, contractor’s online chat

The Commons: Give us your tired, your poor, your convicted

Thomas Mulcair had news. Or, rather, he’d read the news.


Canada is too dangerous for the former vice president, so he cancels Toronto speech

Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has cancelled an appearance at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where he was scheduled to speak, along with his daughter Liz, on April 24 about his time in U.S. politics. Apparently, Canada is too dangerous for the Cheney family.


Bush, Castro and human rights

A few weeks after NDP MP Don Davies suggested Dick Cheney should be barred from entering Canada, Amnesty International says Canadian authorities should arrest George W. Bush when he visits next week. It’s not clear that we have the power to do so. Jason Kenney is unimpressed.


Cheney defies protesters, defends record before Vancouver appearance

Protesters accuse former U.S. Vice President of war crimes and torture


‘It’s irresponsible the way they throw these words around’

Dick Cheney does not appreciate the tone adopted by the likes of Don Davies.


‘Having engaged in acts of torture’

NDP immigration critic Don Davies has written to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney asking that Mr. Kenney deny Mr. Cheney entry to the country (the former vice president is scheduled to visit Vancouver on Monday as part of his book tour).


REVIEW: In my time

Book by Dick Cheney


Newsmakers: September 1-8, 2011

Bieber goes Hollywood, Big Buff goes off his diet, and Bibi’s wife faces new staff abuse allegations


Lawyer wants Cheney arrested upon entering Canada

Argues Canada is obliged to arrest former U.S. vice-president for war crimes

The war on terror 10 years on

The war on terror 10 years on

Andrew Coyne and Paul Wells debate the successes and failures of the world’s response after 9/11 and how safe we are today