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The spectre of bad internet laws in Europe should be a warning shot for Canadians

Opinion: The European Union could soon adopt a slew of restrictive copyright regulations—while Canada, often informed by Europe’s policies, considers its own reforms
Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012 – Portraits

Will Self on the literary novel’s demise, and why Naomi Klein won’t fix the world

The one-time enfant terrible of British literature talks about information overload and how emotion rules the political sphere

How the CRTC and NFB could help prevent a global media crisis

Why ’discoverability’ matters for your favourite show, and how a trio of just-announced summits from the CRTC and the NFB could help a global issue
A foot in two worlds

A foot in two worlds

How a growing number of tiny Canadian-based start-ups are making the leap into big foreign markets
Your own personal art 'mixtape'

Your own personal art ’mixtape’

Big galleries may not like it, but Artfinder is revolutionizing art appreciation

A university program for... YouTube?

New media program series for aspiring digital filmmakers
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A cozy but violent game

Taxpayers would be subsidizing violent games through the new interactive digital media tax credit
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Small but smart

Why some schools don’t want a Big Five monopoly on research
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Waterloo’s digital media campus will press forward

Stratford campus, originally slated to cost $30-million, will open September 2009