Melanie and Carter (Courtesy of Melanie Williams)

What the pandemic taught me about my son’s loneliness

Melanie Williams’s son was born with Down syndrome. Isolation and social distancing are experiences he faces in his everyday life.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets the Azimi family, who are refugees from Afghanistan after fleeing Syria, at the Old South Village Pub before having a meal in London, Ont. on Jul. 4, 2019. The Azimi family has been in Canada for 15 months. Refugees are among the highly vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic. (Andrew Lahodynskyj/CP)

A plea to philanthropists—double the value of your grants to local non-profits

Rahul Chandran: You are Canada’s philanthropists, and you have the assets. You’ve worked with non-profit organizations for many years and their clients need them to live now more than ever.
France Migrant Hero

Immigration of only the fittest: The cruel biases facing people with disabilities in Canada

Anne Kingston: Heroes do scale walls, but some of those walls aren’t physical ones. People with disabilities face heavy biases in Canada’s immigration system.

How universities are helping students with ’invisible’ disabilities

Schools are racing to figure out how to use accommodations to handle the wave of students who are grappling with invisible disabilities

Diversity among doctors

Students with disabilities are finding their place in medical schools—and beyond
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Privacy, anxiety, and the academy

At the end of the day, students have to be able to do the work.