Alta Wildfire Evacuation 20160503 TOPIX

Fort McMurray: One photo, nearly 1,000 words

When disaster hit, the people of Fort McMurray showed their better natures, not the instincts of ’survivalists’
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Out of the red

If a Canadian researcher has his way, the red mud that caused disaster last week could turn very useful indeed
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Asteroid? Our leaders are on the case.

Already the UN is think-tanking a proposal to facilitate naming a Special Envoy
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The true fallout from the BP oil spill may be unimaginable

The U.S. government and BP are rushing to put the Gulf spill behind them—but it’s not over yet
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Why the oil spill is even worse than it looks

SPECIAL REPORT: "We are about to die down here"
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Area of uncertainty

Southern Louisiana braces for the oil spill to make landfall
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Horror in Haiti

Maclean’s cover story: after the earthquake, the desperate fight for survival amid the ruins
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"The police can’t restore order in Haiti and for the most part don’t try"

Michael Petrou reports from Port-au-Prince on aid, amputation and an empty Penitentiary