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This B.C. clinic is charging $110 a month for access to a doctor. Is this the new normal?

Clinic owners are addressing the country’s widespread shortage of physicians with some creative solutions—doctor subscription, anyone?
Dr. Angela Cheung copy

A doctor in one of Canada’s long-COVID clinics on the real dangers of the diagnosis

“I’ve seen marathon runners who can’t walk a block without being short of breath”

How to survive your doctor

Advice from a seasoned M.D. on beating medical arrogance and a flawed system
medical school

Doctor offers second opinion on medical school interviews

Multiple Mini Interview criticized (and defended)

New flu on campus

What your doctor didn’t learn in med school
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Lethbridge flourishes, Alberta fails

Getting a hospital bed in Alberta can take 14 hours
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Norma Ann Wright 1941-2009

Her husband’s death pushed her to become a doctor. When patients died, she cried with the families.
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UAlberta medical students tops on test

School’s MD students earn top marks in both written and hands-on exams
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How I almost made the biggest mistake of my life (Part 1)

I didn’t want to make teeny robots for doctors. I wanted to be the doctor
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A midwife crisis

Not enough doctors, not enough midwives: it’s a bad time to have a baby in Canada