Donald Sutherland


Opening Weekend: Bardem, Bieber, Sandler and Channing

Adam Sandler should play villains in Bond movies; in a duet with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus looks like a jaded hooker
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Please talk to us

For Peter Mansbridge, it was tough working for the network that wasn’t allowed to cover anything
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Donald Sutherland: Traitor?

Or, put another way, Donald Sutherland: Traitor!

Donald Sutherland wows Whistler—while dying to take a whiz

An iconic actor caps his own tribute with a tribute to the late Phillip Borsos, praising him for punching out a producer—then begs to bring the event to an end so he can relieve himself.
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The Whistler Film Festival: the Hot Tub of Canadian cinema

There’s not much snow, but Donald Sutherland, Patricia Rozema, Bruce McDonald and Tom Green bring sparkle to the festival that’s aiming to be Canada’s Sundance