Durham College

Durham College’s singing sensation Sarah Mark hits the road feat

Durham College’s singing sensation Sarah Mark hits the road

Singer Sarah Mark got a superboost from a special music administration program. At a young age, she’s going into the industry with her eyes wide open.

Birds, bees, and drones: The new face of Canadian agriculture

A new generation is turning the traditional Canadian farm on end—moving into city spaces, creating new funding models and tackling food insecurity in the North
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College presidents: gaining on their more highly paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up
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The Oshawa housing battle continues

At least one person isn’t happy that a ’student apartment’ building will be located near UOIT
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Oshawa students encouraged to file human rights complaints against city

Ontario’s chief human rights commissioner warns City of Oshawa about new housing bylaw
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Oshawa moves closer to removing students near university

Bylaw targetting students will leave 500 homeless according to student association
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Liveblogging the Oshawa meeting

Coleman blogs live at Oshawa City Council
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Oshawa Council backs down on controversial housing bylaw

Proposed changes would have forced students out of neighbourhood near campus