Ecole Polytechnique

La Loche, SK Shooting

Maclean’s Explains: A history of Canadian massacres

Canada is no stranger to heartbreaking tragedy and deadly incidents. Here are some of the worst ones the country has endured.
Candle in the dark

A daughter’s spirit, a mother’s grief

Suzanne Laplante Edward recounts the events of the worst day of her life: December 6, 1989
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Marking the Montreal Massacre

A coast-to-coast round-up of remembrance
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Survivors recall École Polytechnique shooting

"Out of respect for the victims, the killer should be completely anonymous."
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Excusing the men who ran away

The new film ‘Polytechnique’ sidesteps the old norm of ‘women and children first’
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From the archives: Remembering the Montreal massacre

Our 1989 cover story chronicled the events that led to the mass murder of 14 women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique