Ed Stelmach

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney updates media on measures taken to help with COVID-19, in Edmonton on Mar. 20, 2020. (Jason Franson/CP)

What Jason Kenney can glean from past premiers on saving Alberta’s economy

Scott Payne: From Ed Stelmach to Rachel Notley, Alberta’s premiers have attempted to address our over-reliance on oil and gas and the impact it has on the province’s economic health only to find themselves rebuffed

Ralph Klein, R.I.P.: the deceptive shape of a shadow

In the bustle of obituaries, Colby Cosh sets the record straight

Alberta’s October surprise

The appearance of a coronation undid the front-runner in the race to lead Alberta’s Perpetual Governing Party

Wanted: one premier

Wanted in Alberta: one premier

As the PC party soars again in the polls, a gang of potential leaders is scrambling for the top job

The prairie putsch to replace Ed Stelmach

Best known as the voice of the ‘Calgary School,’ Ted Morton now wants to be premier

Software for your Alberta politics B.S. detector

Ignore those who say the province is governed by a pattern of stagnation punctuated by revolution

Ed Stelmach

This week: Newsmakers

The Pope’s surprise move, Russia’s Mata Hari makes her prime-time debut, and the queen of all TV revels


A splash in Ontario makes waves in Alberta

The Ontario Superior Court’s Charter finding against prostitution-related provisions of the Criminal Code has unexpectedly cast light on the new Alberta politics. The hard-charging Wildrose Alliance talks a good game when it comes to defending provincial rights; the logical corollary, one might suppose, would be for it to observe a dignified silence about matters reserved to the federal government. This is never how things work, of course, and the Alliance couldn’t move fast enough to issue a joint statement in the names of its two turncoat MLAs, Heather Forsyth and Rob Anderson.


Other priorities?

Whatever’s about to happen in Quebec City, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach says his government won’t be providing funding for NHL arenas in that province.


Enter the taxman

Much as Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach insists he will never all a provincial sales tax, it may be inevitable


Going into battle, alone

It’s politics, and it’s what politicians do.

The league table

Canada’s politicians ranked by their approval ratings