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Neil Young in Calabasas, Calif., on May 18, 2016, and Joe Rogan in Seattle on Dec. 7, 2012 (AP Photo)

Neil Young vs Spotify, and the gathering storm

Terry Glavin: The battle between musician and streaming giant was neatly settled. But it is part of a much bigger, unfolding crisis over the role of truth and facts.

New COVID-19 travel measures cause confusion; and Freeland will give a budget update

Politics Insider for Dec 3, 2021: Omicron variant chaos; a financial reckoning coming; and an unpopular monarchy

O'Toole speaks to the media following the federal election English-language leaders debate in Gatineau, Que., on Sept. 9, 2021 (Fred Chartrand/CP)

Federal leaders debate: Could it be Prime Minister Erin O’Toole?

Stephen Maher: Trudeau badly needed to paint him as a scary guy. But helped along by the other leaders, O’Toole came across as cheerful—even prime ministerial.

Leaders participate in the federal election French-language leaders debate on Sept. 8, 2021 in Gatineau, Que. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Federal election leaders debate: There’s a hole in your platform

Justin Ling: O’Toole found himself on the defensive in Wednesday’s leaders debate, pitching things that were nowhere to be found in his five-year spending document