Education Town Hall


For the record: Stingers’ hockey captain on resilience and teamwork

At the Maclean’s-Concordia Town Hall on the future of education and the future of work, a student panel talked about how university prepared them for the working world.

For the record: A bug-eating advocate on why she loves experimental food

Laura Shine studied French literature and politics before she found her true calling in the study of extreme food

Cédric Orvoine takes the 60-Second Challenge

Cédric Orvoine of Ubisoft takes our rapid-fire challenge—and picks between Alonzo Batilla and Professor Pumplestickle.
Bonnie Schmidt. (Photograph by Cole Burston)

Bonnie Schmidt takes the 60-Second Challenge

The president and founder of Let’s Talk Science reveals her former dream of becoming a dentist—and her favourite 3D printing.

Ambition, advice and regrets: Wisdom from student speakers

Speakers at the Maclean’s Concordia Town Hall look back at their own studies—and reflect on what they would do differently (or not!)

Future university students on their hopes and fears

At the Maclean’s-Concordia town hall on the future of education and the future of jobs, students talk about what they hope to study—and their secret ambition.
Nick Farkas

Nick Farkas takes the 60-Second Challenge (Captioned)

Nick Farkas, the co-founder of the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, takes the hot seat in our 60-Second Challenge

Alan Shepard takes the 60-Second Challenge

Concordia University’s president takes the hot seat and reveals bite-sized trivia about himself—including his worst-ever mark (just kidding!).

For the record: Maclean’s-Concordia panel on the future of work

Read the transcript of Maclean’s town hall on the future of jobs and work, from Montreal’s Concordia University

Parents on hopes and fears for their children

At the Maclean’s-Concordia town hall on the future of education and the future of work, parents talk about what worries them about their kids’ futures.