Edward Kennedy


The unforgettable Capt. Nichola Goddard

Plus, Jonathan Franzen’s brilliant new novel, a chilling page-turner about a vengeful tiger, and new biographies of Ted Kennedy, Caravaggio and the mystery man of the Franklin expedition


No wonder the Kennedys hated him

Writer Dominick Dunne always ensured that ‘inconvenient women’ weren’t forgotten


Health care: the Kennedy syndrome

Will Obama’s reform bill be named after the late senator?


In the thrall of American nobility

Paralyzed by the force of the Kennedy myth at first, Edward soon learned to use it

The last of the Kennedys

From 2009: The death of Ted Kennedy marks the end of America’s most iconic dynasty


On the trail of a Kennedy

Robert Lewis was editor-in-chief of Maclean’s from 1993 to 2000. This week, he recalls a day during Edward Kennedy’s 1970 Senate re-election campaign, which he covered for Time:


Ted Kennedy: “The lion of the Senate”

More liberal than either of his brothers—and a bipartisan deal-maker.



Trying to find a title to define Senator Edward M. Kennedy is not easy. The youngest of the Kennedy brothers has probably lived the fullest life of any American politician. He has survived for over forty years in the US Senate, one of only three to have done that. Democrats and Republicans agree that he has been the most influential senators in the past twenty five years. Very few pieces of legislation lack the Kennedy touch. When Teddy Kennedy speaks in the Senate, everyone listens.