Fahmy: Inside the notorious ’scorpion block’

Journalist Mohamed Fahmy was imprisoned in Egypt for almost two years. Here, he recounts a jihadi singsong.
Fahmy walks to the dock before hearing the verdict at a court in Cairo

Official says Ottawa intervened for Fahmy hundreds of times

Mohamed Fahmy, now released from Egyptian prison, has said Canadian government did not do enough to free him
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Winter comes for the Arab Spring

Four years after the revolution, Egypt has finally erased whatever meagre progress was made
Mohamed Fahmy, Al-Jazeera Trial

Photo essay: Mohamed Fahmy, home but not free

The Egyptian-Canadian journalist is enjoying his long-awaited release from prison in Cairo, but he’s not home free yet
Egyptian activist sentenced to life imprisonment by Egyptian Court

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Newsmaker, Feb. 4: The Egyptian judge—known for wearing sunglasses on the bench—sentences 230 protesters to life in prison

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Book review: Kara Cooney’s ’The Woman Who Would Be King’
Lebanese journalists holds placards, to show their solidarity with detained journalists by Egyptian authorities during a sit-in, at the Martyrs square in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. The Arabic placards read:"Journalism in not a crime." Journalists and their supporters across the globe are protesting the detention of four Al Jazeera staffers in Egypt. From London’s Trafalgar Square and Lebanon’s Martyrs’ Square, media workers and free speech advocates gathered with masking tape stuck across their mouths. Peter Greste, Mohammed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed, and Abdullah Al Shamy, are among 20 defendants being tried on charges of belonging to and aiding a terrorist organization for their coverage of the Muslim Brotherhood. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

What Canada has done for Mohamed Fahmy

Canada outlines the diplomatic steps it has taken on behalf of a Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt
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Mohamed Fahmy’s family asks why Canada has yet to take on Egypt

’We’re not asking for anything extra. We just want them to do what the other governments are doing.’
A man is silhouetted as Egyptian military jets fly in formation over Tahrir square in Cairo

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