What if the Conservatives had a ‘centrist’ leader?

Frank Graves and Michael Valpy: Populists make up more than half of the Conservative base. Rona Ambrose and Peter MacKay don’t appeal to them.

The blackface photos jolted voters, but maybe only temporarily

In a new poll, Ekos finds the Liberals at first lost a lot of votes, then started to gradually gain them back

The Duffy affair, here and there

What legal expenses was the second cheque meant to cover?


A study in voter suppression

As part of its challenge to the election results in seven ridings, the Council of Canadians asked Ekos to study the experiences of individuals in those ridings. Ekos surveyed respondents in the seven ridings and then compared those responses to a survey of Canadians residing elsewhere. The full report from Ekos is here.


Canada’s place in the world? There’s very little we agree on

A new poll funded by the Donner Foundation finds Canadians have increasingly polarized views on world affairs


The motivation gap

Eric Grenier notes an interesting distinction made in the latest polling data from Ekos.


Our gerontocracy

Frank Graves considers the ramifications of declining voter turnout.

The temp

Bob Rae has 646 days to fix the Liberal party

The interim leader must be rousing, but leave room for the real leader to wow them in 2013


The House: ‘You’re the one catching the fish’

Rather than simply lament for how little attention is paid to the institution, I thought I’d ask some smart people if they had anything to say in response to my piece about the state of the House of Commons. Over the next little while, those responses will appear here. Next up, Scott H. Payne.


We remain torn over hypothetical options

When Nanos polled a thousand Canadians in January 2009 about what should happen if that year’s federal budget was defeated, 49% favoured an election, 42% said the opposition should be invited to form a coalition.

Who supports the death penalty?

Prominent members of the federal government—that’s who


University grads prefer Liberals

But that doesn’t mean the census debate is igniting a culture war