election 2019

If only hugs were votes

Against the backdrop of widespread climate concern, this federal election was supposed to be the Greens’ breakout. What happened?

Women remain invisible in debates about the future of Canada

Jacqueline Hansen: I am a middle-aged single mom from rural Quebec, and I feel invisible during this election campaign

Federal leaders debate 2019: Full transcript

Everything you missed from the 2019 English federal leaders debate. Find the full transcript here.

The federal leaders debate through the lens of show business

Jaime Weinman: Trudeau was a telegenic talking-points robot, the type of PM whose job will be lost to automation some day

What the media isn’t covering during this election

Andrew MacDougall: Andrew Scheer’s ‘Universal Tax Cut’ is his biggest policy announcement to date, and it’s not all obvious that it even happened

Maclean’s-Citytv National Leaders Debate 2019: Full transcript

Here’s everything Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer said during the Maclean’s-Citytv #firstdebate

We have no friends in politics

Andray Domise: Bigoted or not, the dust-up between the NDP and the Greens is a mere symptom of a much larger problem facing leftist voters in this country

Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck

Andrew MacDougall: The deck has been stacked. All the more reason for Conservatives to stick to their campaign script—helping ordinary Canadians get ahead.

Enough with the climate change half-measures. Canada has real solutions to consider.

Our editorial: It’s clear that both the Conservatives and Liberals look at climate change polling and see a reason for caution. But the science offers none.

A new 338Canada projection has the Tories safely in majority territory

Philippe J. Fournier: The latest electoral model has the Conservatives winning 174 seats, while the Liberals face big losses in Ontario and Atlantic Canada

Maybe stop calling it Team Trudeau

Paul Wells: The Liberals’ best hope now? Trudeau must portray himself as the person best equipped to clean up Justin Trudeau’s mess.

Why we’re calling out the left and the right of Canadian politics

Both sides of the Canadian political spectrum are spoiling for a fight and reasoned debate is at risk. With an election looming, it’s time to raise the alarm.