ElectionWatch (Late Summer Edition)

Election Speculation Update

Kady O’Malley has all the latest from the front line


Do elections count as stimulus spending, minister? Liveblogging John Baird’s reaction to Ignatieff’s speech

ITQ is headed to the Hill for Transport Minister John Baird’s impromptu tete-a-tetes with the media outside the House of Commons, in which he will, she fearlessly predicts, weave a dire and terrifying tale of the many overpasses, hockey rinks and festivals who will be cut off without a cent if those dastardly Liberals carry out their threat to bring down the government. Maybe he’ll even throw in a vampire or two.


The fall ElecSpec season kicks off in earnest. (Maybe.)

Ignatieff speaks: “Mr. Harper, your time is up. We cannot support this government any longer.”