Emily Haines


Olympic music: Willner’s testament

It was noon on the day of his latest artistic triumph, and Hal Willner was running late. “Sorry, man,” he said to me as he walked into Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where a dozen musicians were beginning rehearsals for his Neil Young Project, part of the Cultural Olympiad that serves as a running performing-arts sidecar to the Vancouver Olympics. “I knew we were going to do this, and I was into talking, but then I thought, nah, I need another hour of sleep.”


‘Learn to Speak Music,’ by John Crossingham

A Canadian indie musician teaches the Owl Magazine set how to jam, write chorus and verse—and much more

Photo Gallery: Hot Concerts

Indie pop darlings Of Montreal spare no expense with their live show, complete with feather machine, glitter, red body paint, and lots of shaving cream. Other recent concerts include Patti Smith’s intimate appearance at the Gardiner Museum and Metric’s electric set on the Toronto Island. If you can’t make it out to the venues, follow the link below and it’s almost like you’re there…


Video Gallery: SXSW Music 2006

Jeff Harris goes behind the scenes

Photo Gallery: SXSW Music 2006

Get a feel for the deep South with pictures onstage and on the streets of the Lone Star state. The Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Morrissey and Lady Sovereign are just a few of the hundreds of acts that took over Austin, TX.