How did VW avoid criminal charges in Canada over its emissions cheating?

Stephen Maher: Environmentalists want to know why Canada dragged its feet for years, and why the PMO met with the company

Put a price on emissions and let the chips fall where they may

Why putting a price on carbon emissions is a more effective way to tackle climate change than setting emissions targets.
Government GHG Reductions

How Canada can live up to its commitment on emissions

Economist Paul Boothe on the five-step approach Canada and the provinces can take to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions
London Knights goalie Michael Houser stands in front of his net during their round-robin Memorial Cup ice hockey game in Shawinigan, Quebec

How hockey can change its energy-hogging, carbon-spewing ways

It takes a huge amount of hot water to make the ice in hockey rinks. How technology is helping rinks go green.
President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

Can the U.S. meet its greenhouse gas targets?

How Obama’s new environmental rules are reshaping the debate
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Carbon capers

Barack Obama promised to tackle climate change, but so far Washington has produced only hot air
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Save the planet: Stop eating meat

The UN says so, and so do a growing list of school boards. Meet the new eco enemy.
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We still love our gas guzzlers

Auto sales have picked up, the big winners are‹you guessed it—pickups
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Too ugly to ignore? (Updated)

Environment Minister Jim Prentice says the oil sands are hurting Canada’s efforts to be seen as a "clean energy superpower"