University of Saskatchewan president defends endorsement

It’s not the first time a president has praised a politician


‘Look to Jack Layton and the New Democrats’

The Toronto Star endorses the NDP.


‘Some day my prince will come’

The Economist kind of endorses Stephen Harper.


The preliminary round

In apparently the first of two endorsements, the Globe picks the Liberals over the NDP.


Friends in low places

A new study suggests that Nike was right to stick with its troubled endorser


Eternal sunshine of the Globe and Mail mind

October 10. Whatever you think of him, the Stephen Harper of today is not the Stephen Harper of 2004 or earlier. The “firewall” temperament has largely subsided, despite the odd recurrence on matters such as artists who choose free expression over popularity. He is in better control of his emotions. He is smart enough and adaptable enough to recognize that his tendencies toward pettiness and hyper-partisanship hold him and his party back.