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Coventry, vie quotidienne des jeunes, boissons energisantes

Energy drinks are all the buzz. But they may also be dangerous.

As young people consume more and more energy drinks, sometimes mixed with alcohol, new research shows they can raise blood pressure and stress levels
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First, they came for the cigarettes...

Now some students want to ban energy drinks.
Colbert speech

Colbert’s convocation, energy drinks & #IWD

What students are talking about today (March 7th)

Frito-Lay gets hyped up on snack food

These Cracker Jacks will perk you up after the 7th inning stretch
Energy Drink ‘Monster’

Monster Beverage Corp. has a headache, while Chevy Volt gets a boost

A business recap of energy drinks, electric cars, and Mexican labour
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What students are talking about today (October 26th edition)

Red Bull, Frankenstorm, Pippa, STEM & Toronto Fashion

What students are talking about today (Aug. 10 edition)

Energy drinks, job numbers, cow-human marriages...
Energy Drinks 20100726

The haunting spectre of energy drinks

’Science-ish’ looks for evidence to back up our worries about the sugary, super-caffeinated beverages
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Ottawa limits caffeine in energy drinks

Medical community had urged stricter regulations
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Energy drinks may double alcohol consumption

Study suggests cause may be social or physiological factors