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It’s time to bring the ampersand back

Let’s give the once and future 27th letter of the alphabet its due
The new webster snycclopedic dictionary,Copenhagen Denmark

A dictionary editor’s concession: Language is ’really squishy’

A Q&A with Kory Stamper, an editor at Merriam-Webster and author of ’Word By Word,’ on profanity, and the politics of language
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Why you’ll never be an alumni

Prof. Pettigrew makes the case for proper usage
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Why students should care about spelling

Its not 4 the reasonz u thynk
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An Anglo truce

Is the era of fighting over Quebec language laws officially over?
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My annual list of Banished Year-End Promotional Exercises

Our blogger takes issue with the 2009 banished word list’s inclusion of Tweet, bromance and friend as a verb