How Canada can produce more ’unicorns’ and dominate the tech world

Wilfrid Laurier University’s business school has a program to help Canadian start-ups take on world markets—and win. And it’s free.
Glass jar full of Cannabis Sativa

The beginner’s guide to opening a pot shop

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How first-aid kits for mental health symptoms are helping Canadian university students

When one student sought a better solution to her anxiety attacks, she ended up with a whole new business

Remembering Suzanne West, a force for change in the oilpatch

’People are sucked into the drama of all the things that are negative. They can’t see so much abundance around them, and how much we already have’

Five to Watch in 2018: Business

Meet the individuals likely to shape the Canadian business scene in 2018.
Bill Morneau

The Liberals are sending dangerous signals to businesses and entrepreneurs

Opinion: Despite lauding the importance of improving the economy, the governing Liberals are enacting policies that discourage growth

Nova Scotia entrepreneur turns old sails into trendy messenger bags

The ’upcycling’ effort has diverted 225,000 kg of old sail cloth from the landfill

A profile of Canada’s entrepreneurs

Welcome to our special report on small business
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Fighting back

With the family business in ruins, the Asper brothers are duking it out in new arenas, with different results
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You can bank on it

The territory has seen nearly double-digit growth this year and has become a hot spot for foreign investment