Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, left, with Quebec Premier Francois Legault durin a 2019 visit to Quebec City (Jacques Boissinot/CP)

Canada is not the regionally divided country it’s made out to be

Put 100 Albertans in a room with 100 Quebecers and you’d be shocked how many can find someone from the other province who agrees with them on big issues
Justin Trudeau

The soft power of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s viral PM

As Justin Trudeau takes his branding tour to the United States, the question emerges: how long will the sheen from this ’new Canada’ last?
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Would Canadians support a carbon tax?

Maybe. But if it were that easy, Stephane Dion would be PM
Wanted: one premier

Wanted in Alberta: one premier

As the PC party soars again in the polls, a gang of potential leaders is scrambling for the top job