Environmental Protection Agency

Exploring Whistler British Columbia

Will Trump’s rejection of clean power leave Canada sputtering?

Obama’s Clean Power Plan sparked preparations in Canada’s hydro industry for U.S. expansion. Then the EPA announced plans to scrap it. Now what?
Inside The American Electric Power Co. Coal-Fired Power Plant

Jim Inhofe: U.S. environmental overseer, climate-change denier

The Republican senator from Oklahoma once said environmentalists remind him of Nazis. And now he’ll oversee U.S. environmental policy.
The chimneys of Belchatow Power Station near Belchatow, the Europe’s largest thermal power plant emit fumes

U.S. and Canada’s coal regulations side by side: Who wins?

We have the edge for now, writes Andrew Leach
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Q&A: TransCanada CEO Russ Girling

On taking the heat for the oil sands, boycotts and why pipelining oil is the safest way to go
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The true fallout from the BP oil spill may be unimaginable

The U.S. government and BP are rushing to put the Gulf spill behind them—but it’s not over yet