Esi Edugyan

Esi Edugyan (Alana Paterson)

The Esi Edugyan story according to Google

She’s a two-time Giller winner for ’Half-Blood Blues’ and ’Washington Black.’ She’s a public intellectual. She’s not a nutritionist. What else do you want to know?
Esi Edugyan, Robyn Maynard, Syrus Marcus Ware and Ian Williams (Photographs by Adrian Lam; Wade Hudson and Ariella Ilona)

’We have nothing to lose but our chains’: Desmond Cole’s conversation with four Black Canadians

Esi Edugyan, Robyn Maynard, Syrus Marcus Ware and Ian Williams speak with Desmond Cole about protesting anti-Black racism in Canada and what this moment signifies

Esi Edugyan, Robyn Maynard, Syrus Marcus Ware and Ian Williams join Desmond Cole on Maclean’s Live

The extraordinary group of writers and commentators and artists sat down with guest host Desmond Cole for a conversation about systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. Watch the full replay now.
Police in Minneapolis move toward protesters on May 30 (Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times /Getty Images)

‘The weight of change should not rest on the shoulders of Black people’

Esi Edugyan: For true systemic shifts to occur, everyone has to recognize that the whole underlying structure is so irreparably broken that no one can afford to live like this anymore
Esi Edugyan

Esi Edugyan’s exquisite novel about freedom takes this year’s Scotiabank Giller Prize

Edugyan on rewriting Washington Black’s many drafts: ’If you had seen the first one you’d never have expected it to have come out the way it did.’

Rogers Writers’ Trust: Spotlight on Esi Edugyan

We asked the 2018 nominees: Who are you writing for, who is your imagined or intended reader?

As awards season takes shape, Esi Edugyan has the book of the year

The celebrated author of ’Washington Black’ is already nominated for three major awards, including the Man Booker—an echo of Edugyan’s achievement in 2011

Esi Edugyan on why readers can’t get tired of books about slavery

Canadian author Esi Edugyan: ’We have to be on guard against darker things. To not discuss them is to open up the potential for a blind spot or forgetting.’
The new Canadian literary odd couple

The new Canadian literary odd couple

The approval of literary juries isn’t all that links Patrick Dewitt and Esi Edugyan