ethics committee

The independent MP for Edmonton-St.Albert and his bill

The unsettled matter of Brent Rathgeber

Why was Brent Rathgeber’s bill amended?

‘I think that’s a lack of respect for the legislative process’

The Duffy-Wright affair: Behind closed doors and out on the street

‘I believe I can account for my actions’

Why not public hearings into the Wright-Duffy affair?

A proposal goes before the ethics committee

Is this any way to treat a scandal?

The matter of Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy is pursued in the House and Senate


Seeking Dean Del Mastro

Liberal MP Scott Andrews has formally requested that the ethics committee be recalled to hear from Dean Del Mastro.


Kids these days

Pierre-Luc Dusseault, the youngest MP in the history of the House of Commons, is now the youngest MP ever elected chair of a standing committee of the House.


Here we go again

The ethics committee has issued a summons for Dimitri Soudas, the Prime Minister’s director of communications.


The Commons: There but for the grace of God go us

On the occasion of Chrétien’s portrait unveiling, Harper uncovers a ‘deep, enduring consensus’


For those about to flout

The government’s attempt to improvise a new limit on the Westminster system will have its first test this morning when the Prime Minister’s director of communications is scheduled to testify at the ethics committee. Once again, as in the matter of Parliament’s demand to see documents related to Afghan detainees, there is the small matter of the actual laws of this land.

If only we could do away with Parliament entirely

The government is once more displeased with this democracy it must function within