Ezra Levant

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney takes the words right out of Ezra Levant’s mouth

Max Fawcett: Comparing Canada’s oil to OPEC and Russia doesn’t exactly raise the bar for Alberta’s oil and gas industry
Ezra Levant speaks at a Rebel Media event. (Photograph by Chris Bolin)

The Rebel Media-branded retirement savings fund is not happening

The Rebel Freedom Fund never launched, and the asset management firm that created it is now winding down its funds and closing
Ezra Levant

Invest your retirement savings in Rebel Media—or, better yet, in dog toys

Rebel Media now offers an RRSP-eligible retirement savings fund. Tabatha Southey suggests some alternatives that could offer just as much return
Ezra Lavent. (Photograph by Chris Bolin)

Why the Rebel’s yell won’t be stifled so quickly

Ezra Levant has built up a money-making operation through videos and donations. With its international audience, it’s unlikely to wither.
Pro-Trump and nationalist event in Berkeley

The Rebel’s steady spiral downwards

It became the Canadian angle to a violent and deadly white nationalist protest. Is this the alt-right website’s breaking point?
A portrait of Ezra Lavent. (Photograph by Chris Bolin)

Ezra Levant: The Rebel’s unrepentant commander

How Ezra Levant built The Rebel: the angry, hate-filled, unapologetic and surprisingly successful ‘Breitbart North’

Rachel Notley doesn’t understand the media—or martyrs

The best gift the Alberta NDP premier could ever give Ezra Levant was to try to ban The Rebel website

The angry, radical right

Why a growing number of extremists are lashing out publicly at Muslim immigrants—and Justin Trudeau

Newsmaker of the day: Ezra Levant’s new project

Sun News’s biggest star rises again, with his crowd-funded plans for a new media outlet, The Rebel

The sun is setting on cable news

Sun News never really had a chance. Colby Cosh explains why.