Our farm’s rescue animals have become TikTok stars

“People don’t see farm animals as companions, so to watch a guy feeding apples to a pig or bell peppers to a cow can be mesmerizing.”

Real estate: today's bidding wars are for farmland

Real estate: today’s bidding wars are for farmland

Low interest rates and record high crop prices means high yields for land


Milk management fee

Barrie McKenna explores the government’s attempt to support both the free market (when it comes to the Canadian Wheat Board) and supply management (when it comes to dairy farmers).


William Wallace Robinson: 1948-2010

A good climber, he became a skilled arborist, cutting branches and felling entire trees


Charles Albert Hansman 1926-2009

He and his wife of six decades, Shirley, were inseparable. Around her, he would really open up.


Nicolas Huberdeau 1959-2009

A dairy farmer who worked from dawn until dusk, he knew each of his ‘girls’ by their spots