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Designing woman

Mila Mulroney: Designing woman

Since leaving the public spotlight, Mulroney has quietly turned her attention to art and jewellery
Cheap fashion

What does that $14 shirt really cost?

From the archives: Bangladesh disaster raises tough questions about cheap clothes
New bulletproof protection clothing for children

Colombian designer finds market for bulletproof kids’ clothes

Slim, stylish, and—in case of an emergency—a shield

Gap buys women’s retailer Intermix Holdco Inc.

The casual clothing brand is extending into the upscale market
Mark’s Work Wearhouse makes a move on the ladies

Mark’s Work Wearhouse makes a move on the ladies

The working man’s department store rebrands itself to chase a female demographic
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How Israel outlawed malnutrition in the fashion industry

Models will now have to provide proof they are in good health
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Mr. Fashionomics

A blog launched by Calgarian Imran Amed has become a must-read for fashion industry executives